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Photography provides me with a vehicle for capturing the unique character of our surroundings


Photography provides me with a vehicle for capturing the unique character of our surroundings. I have had a life-long passion for photography that began as I grew up in Wisconsin. My initial interest began in high school where I learned the fundamentals of photography and began to process and print my photos.

My work in photography continued in college where I majored in graphic arts and continued to refine my photography skills. Following college, I taught photography at the high school level and found great satisfaction in helping others discover photography as a creative outlet.

While in college, I had the privilege to go on a photo shoot with Ansel Adams who came to campus as a guess lecturer. Spending a day with Adams in the field had a significant impact on both my interest in photography and the approach that I have taken in my own work ever since. While the techniques he demonstrated were helpful, what I learned most from him was patience. The patience he demonstrated, as he made certain every condition was just right to produce the best possible photograph is an attribute that I have tried to emulate in my own work.

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My passion as a photographer is to share my work with others. As an outlet for this passion, I display and sell my work in art galleries located in both Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado as well as through community art fairs and online through my website.

Although I am always looking for subjects that are different and interesting, a majority of my work focuses on capturing the beauty of nature through landscape and wildlife photography. My travels to other countries, primarily in Europe, have also provided me the opportunity to capture the architectural character of places where people live and work.

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